Amabile Design

The Amabile Look



As far as Amabile Design is concerned painted walls are just the first step in decoration. For those who love the simplicity of flat colour I agree there is nothing to beat this very minimal look, however for livable living spaces there are many companies who have created stunning pallets of colour in more considered architectural tones where flat colour is enhanced by density and texture of finish.


The best dressed walls now have wallpaper. With ranges costing little per roll to exclusive wide-width wall fabrics, texture, pattern and colour make an enviable statement to your home. Immediately adding atmosphere and adornment to your room.

A first step for the less brave would be to go for pattern or texture in tonal colours or allowing a self colour with only texture to make the statement. Once hooked you'll be covering walls in stripes, checks and florals, adding bold character to your room. For those seeking a half-way house why not opt for a feature wall (usually the fireplace or longest facing wall as you enter the room) this will give you some impact but complimentary paint colour on the other walls, should give you the perfect blend.