Amabile Design

The Amabile Look

Living Room

It could be this year must have or an old favourite recovered but the investment of good furniture both esthetically and financially is one of the most important decisions for your living room when choosing seating. For ultimate comfort remember: feather back and foam seats are best. The style, shape and size of your furniture is very much personal taste. However, always opt for less is more, not mixing too many finishes or fabrics and the simpler and more classic the better.

Coffee tables, side and occasional tables should take second place to your sofa as they must fit proportionally in size and in relation of height of sofas and chairs’ arm height etc. These pieces of furniture can then be as obvious or minimal as is necessary. It is imperative to bring the correct contrast of material choice to the interior design, for example; black leather sofas with glass side tables, cream shabby chic with dark woods or wooden crafted furniture and upholstered coffee tables; it is about building a story and achieving harmony.