Amabile Design

The Amabile Look



As a rule of thumb one should never rely on a simple pendant fitting as a main light source in any room. Ambiant light is the key to creating the perfect interior as it adds the light and shade to enhance the interior design. Central fittings should always be dimmable as should any series of recessed lighting.


Wall lights should fall into two categories; in hallways where there is no room for table lamps or enhancing uplights or downlights for architectural or gallery interiors.


The essential ingredient for good lighting is to allow your occasional lighting in the form of table or floor lamps to become almost pieces of art. They should enhance your furniture and fabrics as well as create a statement on their own.


Exterior lighting is best used to create drama at entrance ways, to add form to garden and pathways or to highlight height or architectural features of your home. The look of these fittings should fit the style of your house, either period styling or simple contemporary shapes.