Amabile Design

The Amabile Look


When creating the perfect kitchen one must first think of practicality and the ‘working zone’ regarding the positioning of appliances and preparation area as it has to function for everyone from busy mum to aspiring Gordon Ramsay's.

The look of your kitchen should reflect the style of your completed home, it's a room if you have the space you will spend a lot of time in, "at home".

The trend at the moment has thankfully gone from pine country kitchens to sleek utilitarian almost showroom environments, where integrated, feature fridges, appliances, cupboard doors, worktops, walls and floors all seamlessly blend for the ultimate chic.

Hot looks at the moment nod to the 80's with high gloss doors, granite work surfaces and almost space age interiors.

The humble kitchen, if space allows should also become a den or family area. An American concept working well and seen in most of the new builds of Britain's builders homes.