Amabile Design

The Amabile Look


Hard Flooring

With timber resources dwindling on our planet when choosing wooden flooring, its best to opt for one of the many look-alike products around. Vinyl and synthetic wood effect plank or sheet material can often provide a similar look where ethics and cost are to be considered.

Ceramic flooring has become an affordable luxury and a cost decision that will endure however vinyl products have become much more sophisticated in their design and can literally create a softer solution to a hard floor option.

Soft Flooring

When it comes to comfort and ultimate chic there is nothing to beat the feel of carpet underfoot. From tufted to woven, from sea grass to coir, the list is endless for adding texture, pattern and colour to your living spaces.


The perfect way to co-ordinate a room, bridging the gap of wall, floor, curtains and furniture is to use a rug. It, in one fell swoop, is the key to pulling a room together.